Team Planning

Correctly drawing up a planning for one or more teams is no matter-of-course thing. Among other things, a planner has to allow for the availability and work schedule within teams. 

Furthermore, employees must also have quick access to their personal planning.

With our software you can quickly and efficiently set up rosters for your teams. Thanks to a link with time registration, you also have immediate insight into whether the planning has been carried out effectively. Finally, managers and employees have insight into the leave balances and employees can easily request leave. A win-win situation for both sides.

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Job Planning

Planning the requirements within tasks or projects builds on planning for teams. The same information remains available, but is expanded with insights into specific projects. Each project is described as a definite planning requirement to which a specific number of people, hours and skills are linked.

This enables a planner to check immediately whether he has enough capacity for a planned task. It makes early adjustment possible well before the specific project is commenced.

profielfoto Jennifer Verhoeven
"The software gives a perfect overview of all the time schedules when drawing up the planning, resulting in a higher involvement of both managers and employees."
Jennifer Verhoeven
Crowne Plaza Antwerp HR Coordinator