Why managed services?

Protime icon flexible workforce planning

Tasks & time relieve

Relief for specific needs and for a specific time, enabling you to focus on (soft) HR activities.

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Performed by Protime Business Partners, working towards a bespoke relationship with you. We understand your business and will work on a pro-active basis.

Protime icon attachment

On top of SLA 

Available on top of the standard Service Level Agreement (SLA) contract. 

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On premise or remote 

Can be executed on premise or remotely.

Protime Managed Services Application Management

Application Management

  • The Business Partner will introduce small changes to your existing Protime solution.
  • These changes are based on requests entered by you or based on the analysis performed by the Business Partner.
  • These services can be HR related, interfacing, reporting and/ or automation related.
Protime Managed Services Payroll support

Payroll Support

  • The Business Partner will take care of all the activities to ensure a smooth payroll process
  • This includes getting the basic data correct, solving the anomalies, executing pre- and postproduction run, reporting and communication with external parties.
Protime Managed Services SLA extension

SLA Extension

  • Some customers require more availability beyond office hours, priority towards the questions they have for our Customer Care team or a Single Point of Contact for more in-depth knowledge of their Protime solution.
  • SLA extension can also be extra support or maintenance related to bespoke software the customer has in place.
Protime loonverwerking

Data Management

  • The Business Partner is responsible for keeping the non-payroll related information up to date.
  • Depending on the need, the required data will be maintained on a more or less frequent level.
Protime Managed Services HR support

HR Support

  • Whereas previous activities are Protime solution based, Social Secretariat support concerns assistance for external solutions.
  • The Business Partner will either maintain data in a third-party solution, be in touch with another vendor to guarantee data and document handling or work on internal HR related activities.
Protime Managed Services Extra services

Extra services

  • The Business Partner can also assist you in other aspects that are part of the Protime solution as a whole that go beyond the previously mentioned categories.
  • The Business Partner can test your specific solution towards new releases, perform a Health Check on a regular basis, maintain your custom made documentation, train new employees
  • and much more.

Who is involved?

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Business Partner

Will assist you with all your questions and work and will propose possible improvements.

icon data processing

Service Delivery Manager

Will manage the contract and report to you on a periodical basis.

icon job and team planning

Account Manager

Remains your contact for all commercial topics and the long-term relationship.

Contact us
If you experience a peak in your workload, need to replace an internal resource for a specific period of time, want to outsource some activities to focus on other priorities, … Please contact your Account Manager or the Protime Business Partner Team.