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HR Quick Scan

With the HR Quickscan we quickly and effectively analyze the current configuration of the software. You will receive a series of pain points and improvement proposals. We examine all modules, reports and software interfaces. The consultant examines how the functional aspects and ease of use can be optimized and investigates whether additional automation is possible.

The HR Quickscan is done using a list of specific questions based on our experience. The analysis only takes on day: the first half of the day we look at the current functioning together with the main users within your HR department. The second half of the day is spent drawing up a report with suggestions for improvement.


  • Specific improvement proposals
  • Low time investment for the client
  • Budget-friendly
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HR Audit

The HR Audit includes a thorough analysis of both the processes and the Protime solution. Unlike a Quick Scan, which takes only one day, the audit, due to its complexity, can take more days depending on your situation.

All procedures and rules are analysed, as well as all Protime modules and interfaces. We listen to the different actors within the company and gather as much information as possible. At the end of this audit, we deliver a very complete and detailed report. The HR audit is particularly useful for organisations which are constantly changing, for customers who have never updated their solution, or for very large organisations or companies with several branches.


  • Analysis of the organisation and its processes
  • Detailed report of the current situation
  • Description of the ideal situation based on our extensive experience and best practices
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