Protime loonverwerking

Payroll processing solutions

Protime helps with payroll processing. Our solutions collect all input necessary for payroll (and pay calculation by a social secretariat). Logging hours worked supplies source data.

Thanks to the configuration of calculation rules, payroll processing can follow practically automatically. The timetables from the working regulations are managed so that there is no longer the need to code absences, ADV (reduced working hours), overtime, work paid extra, etc.

Protime loonverwerking deel van SD Worx

Member of SD Worx Group

Protime is member of the SD Worx group. This means that you can entrust payroll management with our colleagues to standardize your wage processes. A single supplier with a time registration solution that is fully integrated with the payroll software; it is the ideal choice for a quality service!

  • Lower error balance with calculated pay
  • Less querries for the HR department
  • Up to 80 % faster monthly payroll processing
  • Less work pressure on pay administration
  • More time for HR to be present in the field

Frequently asked questions about payroll processing