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Working from home

Make working from home easy and transparent. Thanks to myProtime, your employees can easily register their hours while working from home.

As a team leader, the team calendar gives you an overview of who is working from home, at the office or on location.

Protime Time and Attendance and planning

Flexible working

Now that teleworking or working from home is the new norm, many employees are forced to work more flexibly. Time registration makes it easy to plan the daily tasks of employees in an existing home situation.

Employees can register in and out online or from home, have an overview of their holiday counters and the attendance and absences in their team. Managers also immediately have an overview of the times worked in their team.

Protime working at the office

Working at the office

The Covid-19 situation taught us that safety and health at work are crucial. But how do you ensure the progress and continuity of your business activity at the same time? Thanks to the 'Work at office' in myProtime, HR gets a comprehensive overview of the occupancy rate at the office and social distancing measures are guaranteed at all times.

Employees request their presence at the office and check the team calendar to see which colleagues will still be there. This can be applied to different workplaces within a company. This makes it much easier to control the maximum occupancy rate of workplaces. Each team leader or manager can immediately see which team members are scheduled when at which workplace.

Protime contact tracing

Contact tracing: reporting in case of illness

Registering presences at the office immediately brings about another important advantage. If someone should fall ill, a list of all employees who have worked together in a certain period of time is immediately available.

The necessary registration of contacts is therefore automatically guaranteed by the employer. Employees only have to keep a record of who they meet in their private lives.


myProtime floorplan

Occupation control

If you want to go one step further, you can set up a virtual floorplan. This allows you to track exactly how many people are working in certain zones.

To do this, it is of course necessary to equip several doors with access control. For example, a workplace can be divided into zones, where you can permanently see who is working in which zone and when.

myProtime visitors

Visitor registration

Contact tracing for your own employees can easily be extended with visitor registration. Visitors can easily register themselves via a tablet or screen at the reception desk. The employee is immediately informed that the visitor has arrived. At the end of the visit, the visitor unsubscribes.

Each visit is registered with the host of the meeting and the starting and ending time. A complete list of external visitors can therefore also be used in the context of contact tracing!

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For blue-collar workers

Respecting a maximum occupancy rate is also crucial for blue-collar workers.

Managers easily register the presence or absence of employees in a team calendar. Managers can even set this per team or shift. This makes it much easier to control the maximum occupancy rate within a team or shift. Every manager can immediately see who is scheduled at which workplace and when.

An additional advantage is that workers can also consult their own work schedule if desired.