What HR trends are currently top of mind for companies around the world?

That's the question Mercer tried to answer in a survey of 11,000 participants (executives, HR managers and employees) from 16 countries.

Saying that 2022 has been a special year for companies won't be a surprise for anyone.

Between new work rhythms such as the 4-day work week, hybrid work or pandemic repercussions on employee engagement (Great resignation, quiet quitting, etc.), there has been a lot going on.

Not necessarily new trends, but topics that reflect the current era

Corporate culture, employer branding, talent management, work/life balance or well-being at work, these trends are not necessarily new, but they reflect some of our current era specific needs.

Employees' expectations, needs and desires are constantly evolving, in line with the changes that impact and affect our society.

Let's take the example of the successive lockdowns that have largely contributed to hybrid work generalization and installation in a large number of organizations. This is obviously not the only topic that has gained importance during the past months. 


Which HR topics are now a priority?

What other HR topics are concerned? Which one have become crucial for employees and employers in 2022? These are exactly the questions that Mercer's HR study has tried to answer.

Rather than giving you a long summary of their survey, we have chosen to illustrate some of the results in a brand new infographic.

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Florent Bovicelli
Written by: Florent Bovicelli
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