Did you know that a good work-life balance is a "post-Covid priority" for 59% of employees? This is the conclusion of a recent study made by JLL, a company specialized in corporate real estate consulting.

Did you know that a good work-life balance is a "post-Covid priority" for 59% of employees? This is the conclusion of a recent study made by JLL, a company specialized in corporate real estate consulting.

"The Perfect Match", a recent SD Worx study, also shows that for more than 30% of European employees, "attention to work-life balance" is a concrete source of motivation for choosing and joining a company.

But why is this work-life balance topic so important today, both for an organization and for its employees?

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Time management, a constant challenge

After several months of remote work, many employees realized that it is possible to achieve a better work-life balance. Indeed, some have taken the chance to spend more time with their relatives. Something they did not necessarily do in the past, before Covid.

Returning to “old” organizational practices now seems difficult despite the return in the office. Some employees have clearly expressed their reluctance to completely return to normalcy. But this should not be seen as a dreadful thing. On the other hand, this situation was an eye-opener for many people, both employees and managers, about the time management difficulties in their daily lives.

Worklife balance blog

Do not underestimate time management importance

The biggest mistake would be to not consider time management and work life balance as important topics. Here is a concrete proof: according to the Randstad Work monitor study, no less than 56% of workers surveyed in 34 countries admit they are “concerned by their work-life imbalances”. Now the moment has come to do something about this.

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A key issue, linked directly to well-being and quality of life at work

Why pay real attention to time management within an organization? It is simple because this topic will allow to:

  • take into account employees’ needs and expectations and thus uplift their motivation and commitment to their missions,
  • commit fully to the team’s well-being and quality of life at work,
  • reduce psycho-social risks (bore-out, burn-out, etc.),
  • lead the company to create a work environment that is a source of fulfilment and productivity.
Worklife balance blog

Finding the balance between team expectations and company needs

As you understand, this is a theme linked directly to many key subjects for an organization's success. So, it deserves to be explored correctly. Why not take advantage of the employees' desires for organizational change expressed following the pandemic?

And thus, really start designing new 'post-covid' organizations in line with the teams' new expectations. To do this, you must open a dialogue, identify and understand the needs and thus find the balance between the needs of the company and the teams’ desires.


Why such an initiative concerning time management?

The answer is quite simple: it is linked directly to the well-being of your teams. We are talking about a fanastic source of commitment here. As proof, a Great Place To Work institute shows that employees who feel fine in their jobs are much more likely to invest in supporting and helping their company, especially when it is facing difficulties. And when you see the importance attached to work-life balance among workers these past two years, it can be a sobering thought.


Making a real difference

More than just a 'classic' organizational aspect, including time management in post-Covid working environment characteristics is a key decision. It allows an organization to really stand out from the competition in the eyes of its talent / customers / partners

Indeed, talents have never been so demanding about working environment. It is, more than ever, necessary to offer an employee experience aligned with their personal development if we want to attract and retain them.

Well-being, commitment, performance, recruitment, work-life balance are subjects of utmost importance.

It is therefore time to focus on it!

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