Randstad, founded in 1960, has grown into a full-fledged HR service provider. The company provides recruitment, career advice, training, in-house, HR and many other services. It is not only an all-round expert in the field of employment, but also creates tailor-made packages for companies and temporary workers to suit their specific requirements.


Luc Steensels
“With Protime's workforce management system, all of Randstad's personnel can manage their work-life balance”
Luc Steensels
Compensation & Benefits Manager

Randstad was keen to find the right way to help its staff achieve balance between flexible working and a quality private life.

That right way is with Protime, and now every Randstad staff member knows it. Accurate salary calculations require meticulous recording of absences. But this is exactly where Randstad sometimes lacked efficiency and accuracy.

Records were paper-based, which sometimes resulted in salary calculation errors. The hours worked by staff were not recorded systematically, and as a result the HR department had to enter the data (including holidays, which were requested on a form) into the salary processing package itself.